Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So Dan Unger and myself have been having some interesting company over lately... almost every night, and every night it is anything but ordinary. Last night Dan and this girl ryan downloaded literally 80 songs on my computer and we're looking up the lyrics to every one and singing them out loud.. after that we had a sing along on my guitar ( beam ).... Pdot called the pull out but didnt get it.... he tried to sleep in ungers bed.... but didnt get it..... then i got kicked out of my bed for a good 30 minutes at 6 am and then wound up getting back in... Pat slept on an air mat at literally a 90 degree angle and i had a wonderful night... here are some photo's from this Wizard staff get together.

Miller made everyone chicken at around midnight.

This is Trisha, She's Awesome but has NO FILTER

Not Quite Wizard Status

Not Quite Jesus Status

Miller time


Gandolf? how the fuck do you spell that....

when i grow up i want to be a wizard

I have been to Paris and to be honest, the Eiffel tower looks just like this.